My Crew

Andrew Carlson

Through various methods of bark and bite, Coaches AC and Rocket have been keeping me on my toes since 2013. What we lack in numbers, we make up in swagger.


I’m a volunteer assistant coach at NDSU, where my duties include walking Rocket, giving high fives, and taking Instagram videos. In all seriousness, it’s been pretty great to learn from a coach who’s made a huge difference in my life. Each day I get to learn how to inspire and train athletes to help them become the best version of themselves. It’s been awesome to stay connected with a program that did so much for me, and it’s motivating to be around athletes passionate about the sport and coaches who are invested in those athletes.

#hornsup #ferdabison

McBeek Zoo

Daryl is the mastermind that keeps things going as efficiently as possible while I’m running all over Fargo (or the country). He spends his free time on the couch eating grapes, crying about the Packers, punk-jumping in his cover band, or getting inked. Does he get lonely while I’m gone, you ask? Absolutely not. He has Happy, Hazel, Kilala, and Harley to keep things interesting! #adoptdontshop

Also, don’t even try to outcheer DVB; it’s virtually impossible.


Beyond Running

Beyond Running has been my third home (on par with the track and my real house) for the last 7 years. I’m thankful for the people there who encourage me and give me a place to come back to no matter how my races turn out! The crew there is top notch, and I’m lucky to have them.


KLN Family Brands

KLN Family Brands is a huge part of the community in my hometown of Perham, Minnesota. They have been a great source of support for me as I pursue my running goals. KLN is a big company with small-town values. One example is their partnership with Pinky Swear. Pinky Swear is a non-profit that supports families of children with cancer. This partnership is extremely meaningful to me, as my husband went through brain cancer in 2014/2015. Having a supportive community around us during those months of struggle made life more manageable, and that’s what Pinky Swear tries to do for so many families. For more information about Pinky Swear, check them out here:


If you have furry family members of your own, Hazel and Happy highly recommend NutriSource dog food from KLN!

If you don’t, treat yourself with some licorice and chocolate. Click the image below for more info.

KLN Family Brands Logo


Thanks again KLN, you rule!